Customer manager and storyteller

Renato Cantarelli was born on 1973. His innate passion for human nature followed him, in 1992, in the world of financial advisory – a sector that presented an ideal combination of his two favorites interests: people and goals.
Projects, balance sheet dates and financial performances became the vehicle to deal with companies and families.

In 2010, his first love came back knocking at his door again.
He began attending drama workshops, joined theatre companies, started comedy duos and trios. Until one day, when the meeting with famed comedy coach Manuel Serantes (Zelig Theatre, Milan) happened: with him, Renato shaped a comedy persona that he brought around the stages of North Italy as a standing comedian.
So the experience of cabaret festivals arrived, such as 2014 Riccione’s Locomix, where he made to the the final round of selections.

Next to his artistic path, since 2002, a different, major discovery appeared at the core of his personal evolution: the inner research.
This two, seemingly distant paths crossed each other one night in 2015. While writing a sketch for a festival appearance, Renato felt loud and strong how what really inspires him was writing stories. Exciting, fantasy stories capable of inspire, move, nourish the heart of the receiver somewhere. That’s what truly lights Renato up.

And so began the collaboration with Neom, in 2016; several projects took place, such as the interactive show Come ti vedi? (.i.e. How do you see yourself?), of which he’s the co-writer for NeomRevolution.

In 2017 Neom Vision is launched, a group where Renato is both the main storyteller and project manager.

“Everybody tells stories. We are made of stories. We may as well tell stories to wake us up”.

Carlotta Brucco

Supervisor and storyteller

Born in 1971, she was educated under the guidance of great tibetan lamas and other masters of ancient spiritual traditions; this opportunity made possible a deep study and practice of ancient self-awareness methods.
The study and experimentation of such methods provided the essential principles of her work, that for the last 25 years has consisted of an educational system proposed in both private and public schools; this system is predicated on the awakening of the true nature of the being, and the way to implement it in the context of our culture and society.


  • May 2016 – “Lo Spirito della Fisica – Dialoghi sul momento presente“, Anima Edizioni.
    December 2013 – “I Cinque Abbracci – Una pratica moderna ed efficace per essere liberi e felici” Anima Edizioni.
  • 2011 – “Meditazione”, CD/DVD + booklet, Anima Edizioni.
  • 2009 – “Il Segreto dell’Essenza – Il cuore delle antiche vie spirituali”, Anima Edizioni.
  • 1999 – “Educazione alla Pace Interiore – Il coraggio della Libertà”, Sonzogno Editori .

In 2011 Carlotta and his husband Stefano Giuseppe Dell’Orto started NeomRevolution, whose mission is to help awakening the full potential of the human being, so that he can achieve fullness, fulfillment and happiness.
Since 2010 Stefano and Carlotta teamed up as NEOM for Branding&Advertising projects, promoting an ethical and efficient communication of positive messages for the human soul; in 2017, with the addition of Renato, the project matured a more pronounced vocation for video adv, finally becoming Neom Vision.

Stefano Dell’Orto

Marketing and customer manager

His passions lies in human nature and communication – the one within ourselves, the one between one another, the one that a company sends toward its public through its own brand (i.e. branding). Three separated spheres that share so many traits.

After graduation his professional start happens under GioRossiAssociati (eventually become FutureBrand), and progresses with Lumen as account manager.

In 2009 he founds Neom (, a brand&packaging design firm, particularly aimed to expand on the strong points of openness and mutual exchange as tools to reach for excellence.

In 2011, NeomRevolution is founded by Stefano in partnership with Carlotta Brucco, with whom he shares the tall task of being a parent of their four children.

In 2017 he started NeomVision with Renato and Carlotta, as he recognized the central role that companies hold toward society, as subjects able to make a deep contact with an audience via advertising messages, and while doing so opening the eye of the public on a vision of infinite possibilities.