I’m You

What is on your mind?
Your company, your customers, your sales?
Sure, they matter. But wait a second. There is more.
Who are you?
A manager, a business partner, an entrepreneur? Yes, also.
But there is much more.
Who are you?
Your home, your job, your car? Yes,in part.
Who are you?
A father, a mother, a son? Also.
Who are you?
A strong person? A worried person? An enthusiast? Maybe. But there is something else.
Who are you?
Your head, your eyes, your body?
Your name, your family name, your story?
Or…are you just the one who watches this happen?
Listen….You can feel how in this moment there is only you, and nothing else.
It needs courage. But the moment you cease to be someone or something, and you just be, then you become one and whole.
I am you.
You are me.
How can all this be useful to your company?
Well, let’s talk about how-we-do